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Complete Vaccine Guide: If you have or have been vaccinated against corona, these 22 questions and answers will clear up your doubts.

1. I have never been infected but have allergies. Can I get vaccinated too?

 A: Yes, you can get vaccinated if you have a mild allergy, but first consult a local doctor if you notice any illness or serious side effects.

 2. What precautions do heart and diabetes patients need to take after getting vaccinated?

 A. No precautions are required for vaccination. However, it should be applied once by asking a doctor.

 3. How effective are both vaccines on Covid's new strain?

 A. The vaccine is very effective, we are seeing that the severity of the virus in the vaccine taker seems to be negligible.

 4. What antibodies are formed after the first dose of vaccine? And yes, how many are ineffective?

 A. Antibodies are formed from the first dose of the vaccine. While after the second dose it is only gradually increased, which also boosts the immune system.

 5. When does the immune system increase after taking the second dose of the vaccine?

 A. Antibodies begin to form 2-3 weeks after the second dose. If one is positive after 15 days of vaccination, the immune system is stronger and it recovers faster.

6. I have tested positive, can I get vaccinated?

 A- You can get the vaccine 3-4 weeks after you have fully recovered.

 7. How many days a week is the vaccination going on in Gujarat?

Ans- Vaccination will be given on all days from 1st April to 30th April, public holiday, also on Sundays.

        ગુજરાતી માં વાંચવા માટે અહીં ક્લિક કરો

8. Are there any serious problems or side effects after getting the vaccine?

 A. General fever may occur after vaccination. There is no need to worry. So far no serious case has been registered. Some also experience vomiting. All of these show symptoms according to age.