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                   "Everyone forgot themselves to be intelligent and clear-minded, to prove that this sari will look the same woman," he said. "She loves her husband very much. I am confident that the king will give this sari as a gift to the queen. You will see everything from the woman-merchant Lila to give you this sari you need." 

                    Do you see the sari? Did the queen sit in the meeting to prove herself beautiful? They said one in the king's court, 'Yes, yes. Now looking carefully, I see the sari was appointed as a consultant, clown and poet. What a beautiful sari! He was very clever over the sari. He went to the minister and said how beautiful the carving is! The sari really told him something in his ear. Then addressing the king, parivarno malo salamat ane hunfalo gcert.

                    It is very wonderful. " After the sari, Leela said to the Empress, "The fact that you see this sari proves that there is no other woman on earth who is more beautiful than you and loves her husband the most. In the same way, this will be seen only by the man who is the most intelligent, has a clear mind, is always a worshiper and loves his wife the most. Parivar no malo salamat ane hunfalo 

                  Then Leela asked the king, "Maharaj, do you see this sari?" The king also looked carefully to save his honor and said, 'Yes, yes, I can see the sari too. The sari is really so wonderful that the king then asked the other members sitting in the hall like Guruvar Tatha Charya, Mantri Sri etc., “You all see this sari is another name of life struggle.

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