Cross-platform file sharing in Group, QR Code & Send/Receive sharing modes

 Cross-platform file sharing in Group, QR Code & Send/Receive sharing modes 

Take care of all your file sharing needs in one place! When you use Zapya, you can rapidly share files of ANY size and of ANY format to ALL platform no matter if you are offline or online. File transferring has never been easier! 

When you share offline using Zapya, you can transfer files from Android devices, iOS devices, and/to your PC without using Wi-Fi or mobile data. Zapya offers four convenient offline sharing methods so that you can share files with someone nearby. You can either: create a group and invite others to join it, generate a personalized QR code for others to scan, shake to connect to another device, or simply send files to those nearby. 

When you share online using Zapya, you can transfer files from any device that has a web browser. By clicking on the Zapya Transfer icon on the Transfer page, you can easily share files with people from all around the world. Zapya Transfer is free to use and available in multiple languages. 

Spotlight Features 

⚡ Upgraded iOS to Android Sharing

Connecting your iOS to an Android device just got easier! Now you can search for a Zapya group created on an Android device and connect with a single click on Zapya. 

⚡ Phone Replication

Instantly back up and easily transfer all the content and data from your old device to a new one. 

⚡ Bulk Transfer Large Files

Share entire folders or multiple large files at once with just one click! 

⚡ “Install All”

Simultaneously download all the apps you want onto your device with the “Install All” feature. 

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