Gold and Silver Became Cheaper Again Today. Before Buying, Check How Much the Price Has Gone Down

 Gold and silver prices have declined even today. On the Multi Commodity Exchange, Guruvir February was trading at Rs 47,400, down Rs 350. Silver Mart’s futures traded lower by Rs 836.00 to Rs 67,729.00. In the budget, the finance minister announced a reduction in customs duties. Which is why investors are profiting in gold. That is why gold and silver prices are declining.

Gold and silver prices have declined even today

The multi-commodity exchange is trading with a fall of Rs 350

Silver was trading at Rs 67,729.00

Gold-silver prices in Delhi

22 carat gold price Rs 46890

24 carat gold price Rs

Silver Price – Rs

The position of gold in the international market

Speaking of the international market, there is a decline in gold prices here too.

Gold in the US was trading at 23 1823.34 an ounce, down 8 10.89. Silver was then at 26 26.5, down 26 0.30.

Gold prices in Delhi bullion market on Wednesday

Gold prices fell by Rs 232 per 10 grams in the Delhi bullion market on Wednesday. In the capital, 99.9 grams of refined gold now stands at Rs 47,387 per 10 grams.

Silver prices in Delhi bullion market on Wednesday

Silver prices declined sharply in the Delhi bullion market on Tuesday. Now its price has come down by Rs 1955 to Rs 67,605 per kg.

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