School Ma Balak Ne Pravesh Aapta ane LC Aapti Vakhate Dhyan Ma Rakhava Ni Babato

 IMP information on admission to primary school-Secondary school

Primary education is typically the first stage of formal education, after preschool/kindergarten and before high school. Primary education takes place in primary school, primary school, or primary and secondary school, depending on the location.

The International Standard Classification of Education views primary education as a single phase in which programs are typically designed to provide foundational skills in reading, writing, and mathematics and to establish a solid foundation for learning. This is ISCED level 1: Primary education or first cycle of basic education.

IMP information on school leaving certificate to primary school-Secondary school


LC Aapva babat na Niyamo: The High School Certificate of Completion (HSLC) is awarded after students successfully complete the curriculum and exams of various board affiliated schools in India (i.e. when they pass the 10th standard).

The successful bidder is the Indian State Board of Secondary Education.HSLC admission card / certificate is legally accepted in India as proof of age.

Before the passport and PAN or identity card mechanisms, the HSLC admission card was the main identity photo in circulation.

Rules of School Leaving Certificate

LC Aapti vakhate dhyan ma rakhvani babato: A high school completion grade is a document that indicates that the holder has met the secondary education requirements of their locality, which often includes passing a final qualifying exam.

For each student with a certificate of graduation, they obtain a certain number of points that coincide with the results obtained in their exams. These results will then determine the student's grades; Either they enter college or they have to have an alternative method in what they want to study.

School Ma Balak Ne Pravesh Aapta ane LC Aapti Vakhate Dhyan Ma Rakhava Ni Babato

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