Gujarat Rojgar Samachar : Weekly Job Magazine

Gujarat Rojgar Samachar : Weekly Job Magazine

Gujarat Rojgar samachar is weekly job magazine published by information department of gujarat. 
Are you currently unemployed and looking for a job? Are you currently preparing for various government recruitments and exams? 

If your answer to above questions is yes then Gujarat rojgar samachar is perfect magazine for you. If you go to the, you will find the Section named magazines and from there you can download rozgaar samachar. 

Ojas portal is recruitment portal for most of the government recruitments in gujarat and this weekly epaper publishes the job advertisement of ojas so some people might call it Ojas rojgar samachar but in reality it is not published by (OJAS) online job application system.

How to download Gujarat Rojgar samachar ?
There’s two different way you can download gujarat rojgar samachar. But first you should know on which day the new edition of magazine will be out. 

Gujarat’s directorate of information department publishes this weekly on every Wednesday. 

Candidates can download it from either or from Gujarat information department’s facebook page.

If you don’t want to go through the overwhelming process of visiting website or facebook page then you can download it from website.

We publishes every edition in this page. You can download the rojgar samachar of any date from here.

Since they have changed the portal from to, the website is not working properly. So you might want to follow the facebook page for latest editions of rojgar samachar 2021.

First of all open
Now scroll down a little bit and you will find green box named Gujarat Rojgar samachar.
Click on it and you will be able to see the list of all the editions of the rojgar samachar 2021.
Download as per your need.

Download  Gujarat Rozgaar Samachar

↪️13/10/2021:DOWNLOAD NOW

↪️25/82921:DOWNLOAD NOW

↪️18/08/2021 : DOWNLOAD NOW 

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You can also order the physical copy at your home but it will cost you 30rs per year. The physical copy will be delivered via post.