Are you gujarati So don't miss to use this app. Millions of Gujarati heartbeat

Are you gujarati  So don't miss to use this app. Millions of Gujarati heartbeat

 Gujarat Ni Garima: Gujarati App

 Gujarat Ni Garima: In the Gujarati App, you will find in-depth analysis of Gujarati things such as things to know about the country and the world, the cooking methods of the country and the world, the importance of different festivals, the importance of all kinds of fruits and vegetables,  Tips from Best Doctor for pregnant women, Hallardas for young children, Baby Boy and Baby Girl names, new Gujarati jokes that will make you laugh, Gujarati Suvichar, Desi home remedies, what to do when and in what situation, all  Types of yogasanas, different photo poses, still a lot of information like the pincode of the city.

 Gujarat Ni Garima: Gujarati App gives the following information

 Worth knowing

 A wonderful collection of information about things to know in the country and abroad that can increase your knowledge by reading.  New things that you may never have heard of and you may not know, such as,

 👉🏻 Why is the color of school bus yellow?
 શા Why is the color of the gas bottle red?
 Why is the doctor's logo +?
 માટે Why is there a line between the medicine tablets?
 માટે Why do blood stains turn black after drying?

 Pregnancy Tips

 મહિલા There are many things for women to know and take care of during pregnancy, such as what a pregnant mother should do, what not to do, what to eat, what not to eat, what postures to do for the health of the baby, last 6 months.  What to do in the special information that you will get from our specialist doctor in this app.

 What to do in what situation?

 There are so many situations in our lives when we don't know what to do.
 What to do when there is a sudden fire in the house?
 What to do when an earthquake strikes?
 What to do when a hurricane strikes?

 Gujarat Ni Garima: Collection of Gujarati App App

 Knowledge of importance

 વાતો Things to know
 How to cook
 👉🏻 General knowledge
 મહત્વ Importance of fruits and vegetables
 👉🏻 Gujarati News

 Dignity of Gujarat

 👉🏻 Gujarati Garba
 👉🏻 Gujarati drama
 👉🏻 Gujarati Prayer
 👉🏻 Gujarati poetry
 👉🏻 Gujarati Bhajan
 👉🏻 Gujarati wedding song

 Mom and kids

 Pregnancy tips
 ગુજરાતી Gujarati story for young children
 હા Lullabies for young children
 નામ Baby Boy Name
 નામ Baby Girl Name
 Significance of 5 zodiac sign

 Moj of Gujarat

 👉🏻 Gujarati jokes
 👉🏻 Gujarati Suvichar
 Indigenous remedies
 👉🏻 Gujarati proverbs and their meanings
 Gujarati States
 What to do in what situation?

 Government of India

 👉🏻 Laws
 👉🏻 Required government number
 ની Website for government works
 University of India
 👉🏻 RTO exam

 Photo Fun

 👉🏻 Rangoli
 Different photo poses

 Spiritual texts

 👉🏻 Bhagavad Gita
 👉🏻 Mahabharata
 👉🏻 Kirtan and Aarti

 Learn English

 ગુજરાતી English to Gujarati
 👉🏻 Gujarati to English
 👉🏻 Animals
 👉🏻 Fruit
 👉🏻 Tree

 Our Gujarat

 👉🏻 District
 👉🏻 Taluka

 Country Abroad

 National flag