Daily Savings App to Auto-Invest in Digital Gold. Start Investing in 45 Seconds.

Daily Savings App to Auto-Invest in Digital Gold. Start Investing in 45 Seconds.

We at Jar think “Everyone can invest in Digital Gold”, No matter how small the amount is.

We’ve helped millions of Indians to Start their Daily Savings journey seamlessly and Grow their Investment at the same time. Now, It’s your turn to start investing in Digital Gold through the Jar App with just your spare change.

Can't afford to buy gold right now? Investing in Gold funds confuse you?

Jar will help you save and invest small sums in Gold for you, automatically!

How does Jar work?

Jar is a daily savings app that lets you invest your money in Digital Gold. It invests spare change from your daily online transactions into digital gold, automatically. Jar is the 1st Made in India app to come up with such an innovative solution to save money daily & invest in digital gold.
For eg, if you spend Rs.27 on Paytm, Jar will round it up to the nearest 10 i.e. Rs.30 & the difference of Rs.3 would be automatically invested in digital gold.

Jar is the simplest, & fastest way to save & invest

With Jar, you can grow your wealth with 24K gold. Buy & sell digital gold, at the best gold rates, starting at just Re.1. Create a habit of saving by auto investing small sums as investments in Digital Gold, which can be redeemed or withdrawn whenever you want to your e-wallets. 

With Jar you can save & invest in 4 easy steps

1. Login with your phone number to create your Jar account.
2. Setup UPI autopay from your Phonepe, GooglePay, or Paytm account.
3. Now let Jar save money daily for you at the best gold rate.
4. Click on the 'Withdraw funds' option to instantly sell gold accumulated in your Jar account, & get money directly to your e-wallet. Jar gives you the best gold rates to ensure hefty savings.

☸️Spin the wheel & double your Savings☸️

Save money with every transaction on Jar. Every transaction wins you a spin on the Wheel of Savings on the Jar App. Get a chance to double your savings on Jar or a chance to win exciting cashback by playing games. So spend more to save more, & win more money.

Investing & Saving made easy by Jar✨

You can do micro-savings on Jar with our premium Digital gold investment plans & offerings (at best gold rates). 100% secure & liquid offerings allow you to automatically buy 24 karat gold with every transaction. With Jar, you have full control of your finances, you can pause, re-start or withdraw funds or gold easily with a click of a button.

⚱️Create a Jar for every financial goal you have for the future ⚱️

With Jar, you can create custom 'Jars' to achieve your financial goals such as:

Buy gold for your marriage

Save money to buy a gift for your parent's anniversary

Save money for your next solo or family trip

Plan finances for kid's education

Plan finances for starting your business or to invest in favourite stocks

Save money for better money control & financial control

Buy digital gold for a secure future

Plan personal finances for buying your dream car, home, phone or laptop

Plan finances for emergency money requirements

🔔>Let Jar be your savings & gold investment expert!🔔

What is required to create my Jar account?

A valid phone number.
A UPI account with Phonepe, GooglePay, Paytm, or any other UPI service provider in India.

Is KYC required?

KYC verification is not required to save money with Jar.

Who can invest?

Any Indian citizen over the age of 18 with a bank account may invest with Jar & save money daily.

What is digital gold?

Digital gold is real gold that’s simply stored virtually to save space, provide safety, & can be converted to physical gold with a single click.

When can I withdraw?

You can withdraw your money anytime, anywhere. There is no minimum lock-in period.