Clock for sunrise, sunset and moon in culture, religion, hobby and photography.

Clock for sunrise, sunset and moon in culture, religion, hobby and photography.

Sunclock is an astronomical clock that shows
• sunrise, sunset, true noon and day length,
• civil twilight, nautical twilight and astronomical twilight,
• moonrise, moonset and moon phase
on an analog dial.
Photographers get
• golden hour
• and blue hour.
Sunclock shows ancient time measurements, where the day from sunrise to sunset is divided into twelve hours like 
• Time since sunrise and sunset, Byzantine time, Roman time, Athonite time, lost time,
• Horae Temporales, Zmanim, Jewish clock, Hebrew hour, Eretz Yisrael clock,
• old Arabs clock, Arabic hour names
• and Alaturka hour system.

Other time systems divide the day from sunrise to sunset into six or eight parts like
• Rāhu Kalam (poison period in Vedic astrology),
• Wadokei (traditional Japanese clock) 
• or 時辰, traditional Chinese Hours, Earthly Branches.

The religious times
• Roman Catholic Liturgy of the Hour
• and Islamic prayer times with Tahajjud
are also displayed by Sunclock. 

More features are:
• Magnetic compass with reference direction to one of 1200 cities.
• Solar compass with azimuth (horizontal direction) to the sun, sunrise, sunset and north.
• Sun symbol and day/night over Northern and Southern Hemisphere map (flat earth).
• Night hunting ban time in Germany.
• World clock and second time zone with second widget.
• Battery-friendly implementation.
• App, wallpaper and two widgets.
• Extensive customizing options or a gallery for quick selection.
• 24-hour dial or on a unique double dial with 2 x 12 and 24-hours.
• Your personal motto of the day can rotate with the second hand.
• Load, save and share your clock design.
• Sunclock remains visible when the device is connected to the charger.
• No network needed, everything is calculated locally.

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Any time and date can be simulated by swiping across the screen. In this way, the cosmic rhythms and relationships of the sun and moon can be discovered and studied at any hour and any day of the year for any place in the world. This simulation can also run automatically as an animation.