Holi 2022: Now No Color Can Spoil Your Smartphone, Just Follow These Tricks

Holi 2022: Now No Color Can Spoil Your Smartphone, Just Follow These Tricks

Smartphone Protection Tricks: While playing Holi, do you also fear that your smartphone may become a victim of color and water? So you can keep your phone safe by following the tricks mentioned here.

Smartphone Holi Tips: Now that Holi (Holi 2022) is in full swing, everyone must be busy preparing for it. This time around, Corona's frustration seems to be waning as people are excited to play Dusty. Anyone can paint on you anytime while playing Holi and this increases the chances of your smartphone (Smartphone tricks) going bad. But, in this dust, color and water can do no harm to your phone. If you are wondering how this will happen let me tell you that we have some Holi Tips and Tricks. By following it you can play Holi without any worries.

 Do this before going to play Dusty
Holi is not usually celebrated indoors. Try to keep your smartphone or other gadgets in a waterproof case or a polythene bag when you go out on the day of Holi. This way, if any paint or water gets on you, it will save your smartphone a waterproof case and foil.

It often happens that if you touch your smartphone, charger or earphones with colored hands, it gets stained. If you want to avoid it, apply glycerin, moisturizer or some cream on your smartphone, earphones and charger before playing Holi. This way the color will not look on it.

 Give double protection to the smartphone in this way
Even so, if you accidentally run out of water in your smartphone, do not charge it, first drain the phone, then charge the phone, otherwise electric shock may occur.

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