Nature photo editor pro offers free filters, easy crop, background 📸 foto &more

Nature photo editor pro offers free filters, easy crop, background 📸 foto &more

Nature Photo Editor gives many editing features to edit photos and allows to share your designed photos on Instagram, Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter etc.

Edit photos with an awesome editing features and create your best picture. Select your favorite gallery photos to design cool photos and collage to wow your friends and family. 🙌 It’s completely free. 

👑Awesome Features

📸Photo Editor
* Effects like Sketch, Artistic, Fx, PopArt, Paper, Distort, Blur Pic etc.
* Crop – Crop photos with different sizes or free crop.
* CutOut - Cut your photo like a pro and set it with different stunning backgrounds. Cut and paste your photo easily
* 90+ Effects, Filters and Adjust
- Adjust Brightness, Contrast, Sharpen, Temperature, Highlights, Shadow etc.
- Different Warm, Dark, Vignette, Natural and many color filters
- Mirror effect 
* Magic Brush - Draw and write on photo with gesture using different brush options like pencil, magic and neon brush.
* Mosaic - Cover your background with different blur image, pixels and background.
* Erase - Erase unwanted object and background of pictures with background eraser.
* Background - Apply your camera picture with different nature backgrounds, Different color backgrounds and select favorite background image from gallery. Also add plain white background in images.
* Text - Add stylist text from various art fonts on image. 
* 👓 Stickers - Add cute and funny stickers to your beautiful picture and create your own stickers.
* Mirror - Create mirror reflection effect for your photo. You can create multiple left-right, up-down, and reflection style of photos.
* Insta Fit - Set your entire photo for Instagram without crop in Insta 1:1 square size. Set photo into square and set it in your WhatsApp dp
* Splash - This effect draws the viewers attention to the colored areas. Using shape splash feature highlight color with desired shape. 
* Blur - Add Blur area on your image with natural effect or apply shape blur on your picture. You can also adjust strength and remove blur area from eraser. 
* Neon - Edit your photo with colorful spirals

Use your art to design an awesome dp images and convert your camera picture or selfie in to beautiful colleges and photo frames. Makeup cool photos with nature or galleries back ground and apply different filter to enhance the pics. Pick up any layout to make colleges or make square fit photograph design. Create stickers or png from your photograph by erasing the back ground

✨Collage Maker 
- Create a marvelous photo collage using all your beautiful pictures.
- Choose from a wide variety of grid layouts and collage templates and create a photo collage on your own.
- Try our photo grid and freestyle collage for designing cool photos
- Create Funny photos with stickers and share beautiful pics with friends, gf/bf and family.
- Change ratio of collage and edit border of collage pic.
- Insta square photo with blur background for Instagram and Whatsapp dp images.

✨Neon Effect
- Add famous neon spiral effect on your picture.
- Glow your dark photo with neon photo effect

✂️ CutOut Photo Editor
- Use CutOut with advance cropping feature and eraser and combine it with various stunning and creative backgrounds frames and templates. Crop and Eraser feature design for change background easy and fast.

😍Blur Photo Editor
Blur photo backgrounds with brush and shapes. create photographic portraits of images easily to create awesome dp photo.

Note: All trademarks and copyright protected to the respective owners. Content compiled from various internet sources. This is completely free and it consumes less memory. We require storage permissions to read and save your photo from your device only.