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Ganesha Chaturthi 2023: According to the Hindu calendar, this year Ganeshotsav across the country is starting from Tuesday, September 19, 2023, which will end on Anant Chaturdashi, September 28, 2023. During this time Lord Ganesha is installed in big pandals across the country.

Along with this the devotees also install Ganapati Bappa in the house and perform his ritualistic pooja and after auspicious time they bid him farewell. Let us tell you that every year Ganesh festival starts from Chaturthi tithi of Sud Paksha month of Bhadrava. In this festival which lasts for ten days, Prasad etc.

Various types of Ganapati Bappa idols are available in the market, but if we talk about Vastu, go for an idol of Bappa in which he is sitting or sleeping. Bringing such an idol in the house brings happiness, prosperity and peace. An idol of Lord Ganesha should be kept in a standing posture in offices or business places.

According to Vastushastra, while bringing the idol of Lord Ganesha, keep in mind which direction the nose is facing. If you take an idol of Lord Ganesha for your home, his nose should be turned to the left. Establishing a Ganesha murti with a nose turned to the left brings happiness and prosperity. Worshiping an idol of Ganapati with a nose turned to the right requires special rules, so avoid keeping such idols at home.

Some of the idols available in the market are also available which are bent both left and right. Such idols should never be bought. Sometimes people bring two Ganapathi idols. Keeping more than one Ganapati idol in the house upsets Riddhi-Siddhi and such a house does not bring prosperity.

Everyone knows the story of Ganapati's vehicle Mushkaraj. While buying Ganapati Bapa idol keep in mind that his idol should have his Vahan Mushak. Along with this, one should keep in mind the need for Modak, the dessert of Lord Ganesha's choice while taking the idol of Lord Ganesha. If the Modak is in the left hand in the idol of Lord Ganesha and also keep in mind that the idol is considered auspicious if Lord Ganesha's nose is also facing that direction. Installing such an idol in the house fills your house with wealth, wealth and prosperity.