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Amazing Image of Shivrajpur Beach Dwarka Blue Flag Beach in India - Shivrajpur Beach in Devbhoomi Dwarka district is a beautiful, serene and natural combination, while Shivrajpur Beach is going to become the first Blue Flag beach of the country. A clean-up drive by around 3,000 people was carried out on the beach on Saturday, detailing the pollution of the beach due to plastic litter, water bottles and especially leaf litter.

Blue flag shivrajpur beach

An official of the Gujarat Ecology Commission said that Blue Flag Beach is a certified programme. In which it has been decided that the beach should be completely clean and safe and people should have adequate facilities. In which there are total 32 crit areas. Which is proposed to be completed. For which there are 32 parameters and international agencies decide, then that place is recognized as Blue Flag Beach. Blue Flag is an international NGO. The parameters of the organization determine how safe and beautiful the place is. There are a total of 32 parameters of this NGO, after landing on which a proposal is made in this NGO. After verification the Blue Flag is raised.

8 beaches of India have got this honor together. These beaches include Shivrajpur (Dwarka), Ghoghla (Diu), Kasargod and Padubidari (Karnataka), Kappad (Kerala), Rishikonda (Andhra Pradesh), Golden Beach (Puri, Odisha) and Radhanagar (Andaman and Nicobar). Tourism best palce.

What is Blue Flag Certificate?

Blue Flag is one of the cleanest beaches in the world. For this, 33 different criteria have been made in which rating is given by determining the quality of environment, quality of bathing water, safety, services etc.

This certificate is issued by the Foundation for Environment Education, which is headquartered in Denmark.

Gujarat has 1600 km of coastline. Despite having such a long coastline, Gujarat has a beach destination like no other. Despite having such a long coastline, Gujarat does not have tourist beaches like Goa or Bali to attract tourists. To take advantage of such a long coastline, Chief Minister Vijay Rupani directed the state tourism department to study various beaches and submit a detailed report on which beaches could be developed to world standards. Under which Shivrajpur Beach near Dwarka has been selected.

Cruise tourism, beach tourism is one such tourism which attracts not only domestic but also foreign tourists. Talking about India, beaches like Kovalam in Goa and Kerala are the center of attraction for foreign tourists. While abroad, beaches like Bali and Phuket are popular with tourists. Though the Gujarat government has rolled out the red carpet for tourists, nothing has been done to give special benefits to tourism in the coastal areas.

Recently Tourism Cabinet Minister Jawahar Chavda visited Shivrajpur Beach to know the views of the local people. The matter was also complained to the CM. There are many special reasons behind choosing Shivrajpur Beach.

For example Shivrajpur Beach is beach protected. The length of the edge is multiple. crystal clear water. Pollution free. Received the Blue Flag from the United Nations.

Shivrajpur Beach

10 km from Dwarka, has been awarded the Blue Flag Certificate by the Foundation for Environment Education, an organization headquartered in Denmark. Shivrajpur Beach is the second largest beach in Asia after Goa. The coastline of this beach is long and the crystal clear water offers a unique view of marine life.

Shivrajpur Beach is one of the 76 beaches in the world

A huge and international standard Blue Flag beach has developed on the beach of Shivrajpur near the famous Dwarka, Ek Dham in Chardham. Here tourists are relaxing and enjoying the marine nature. The seas of Shivrajpur were selected by the Government of India under the World Bank sponsored Integrated Coastal-Zone Management Project. Shivrajpur beach in Dwarka was selected by the Government of India as the 76th beach in the world and second in Asia.

Shivrajpur Beach Various facilities located on the beach

Shivrajpur Beach The beach has a wide beach, along with well designed facilities like beach boating, scuba diving, shallow water bathing, horse riding, sand rickshaw driving. The beach has developed facilities including toilets, showers, jogging track and changing rooms as well as a children's play area. Shivrajpur of Dwarka has been selected by the Ministry of Forest and Environment and Climate Change. Blue Flag Beach is an international level certificate issued to Shivrajpur Beach, as per the norms approved by the beach authority.

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32 Kranti Kshetra will get Blue Flag Beach Certificate

An official of the Gujarat Ecology Commission said that the Blue Flag beach is a certified program which stipulates that the beach should be clean and safe and should have adequate facilities for the people with a total of 32 crease areas, which are complete. Proposed to be. There are 32 parameters for this and it is international

determined by the agencies. The site is then recognized as a Blue Flag beach. Blue Flag is an international NGO, which sets the parameters of an organization, whether the place is safe or beautiful. There are total 32 parameters of this NGO, after landing on which the proposal is made in this NGO. After verification, Blue Flags are identified.

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