How to Check How Many SIM Cards Are on My Aadhaar Card

 Understanding the number of SIM cards registered under your Aadhaar card is essential for security and management purposes. In this detailed guide, we delve into the various methods to check how many SIM cards are associated with your Aadhaar. Ensuring clarity and ease of access, we provide step-by-step insights, FAQs, and reliable information.

Checking Aadhaar-SIM Card Link Online

  • Overview of UIDAI Portal
  • Logging into UIDAI Portal
  • Accessing the Aadhaar Authentication History
  • Steps to View SIM Card Details Linked to Aadhaar

How many SIM cards can be taken on 1 Aadhaar card

According to the rules made by the Government Telecom Department, a total of 9 SIM cards can be taken on one Aadhaar card. But all these SIM cards cannot be used by only one operator, you can use maximum 6 SIM cards at a time. If you don't know how many SIM cards are active then here you can know by following some simple tips.

Check on telecom portal

You can easily check how many SIM cards are active on your Aadhaar card by going to the portal of the Department of Telecom. Also, if there is a fake SIM in your list, you can get it blocked. Also, if the SIM is not in use, you can also remove it from the Aadhaar card. The portal launched for this is called Telecom Analytics For Fraud Management and Consumer Protection (TAFCO).

How many SIMs are running in your name check

Step by Step

  • The first website for that
  • Click on
  • Enter your Aadhaar number here, then the OTP will be sent to your mobile number, enter it
  • After filling the OTP, a list of SIM linked with Aadhaar card will appear in front of you.
  • If any unnecessary number appears here, you can also block it.


Is it mandatory to link SIM cards with Aadhaar? Yes, as per government regulations, it's mandatory to link Aadhaar with SIM cards for security and identification purposes.

How can I check if my Aadhaar is linked with my SIM card? You can verify this through the UIDAI website by following simple steps mentioned in the guide.

Can I check the number of SIM cards linked to my Aadhaar using my mobile phone? Yes, certain telecom operators provide services to check this by dialing specific USSD codes from your registered mobile number.

What if I find discrepancies in the number of linked SIM cards? If discrepancies are found, immediately report this to your telecom operator and UIDAI for rectification.

Is it possible to delink a SIM card from my Aadhaar? Yes, you can request delinking of a SIM card by visiting the respective operator's store and submitting the necessary documents.

What measures should I take if I suspect unauthorized SIM cards linked to my Aadhaar? Immediately report this to your telecom service provider and request immediate delinking for security reasons.


Securing your Aadhaar-SIM card linkage is crucial in the digital age. By employing the methods outlined in this guide, you can actively monitor and manage the SIM cards associated with your Aadhaar, ensuring better control over your personal information.