POLICE Full Form in Gujarati.

 So many questions are asked in the interview POLICE Full Form in Gujarati and most of the people do not know the answers to some of them. Today in this article we have presented some very funny pictures which can also increase your general knowledge, so see these questions too.

Question: Which animal can’t jump?

Answer: Elephant

Question: Who was the first Muslim President of India?

          જવાબ જાણવા નીચેની તરફ જાઓ

Answer: Dr. Zakir Hussain

Question: Who was the first Mughal emperor in India?

Answer: Babur

Question: India’s first martyr?

Ans: Mangal Pandey

Question: Where is the only Marine National Park Sanctuary of Gujarat located?

Answer: Jamnagar

Question: I am very beautiful in color, if I eat a little I will be satisfied, if I eat more I will be torn, say who am I?

Answer: Watermelon

Question: I am a pet, but not a dog, imitating, but not a monkey, say who am I?

Answer: Parrot

Question: Where is the largest oil field in Gujarat?

Answer: Ankleshwar

Question: Which river is called ‘Rudrakanya’ in Puranas?

Answer: Narmada

Question: Name the parents of Gandhiji.

Ans: Mother Putlibai and father Karamchand Gandhi

Question: Which irrigation scheme is located on Sabarmati river?

Ans: Domestic

Question:પોલીસને ગુજરાતીમાં શું કહે છે?

Answer:પોલીસને હિન્દીમાં કે ગુજરાતીમાં “રાજકીય જનરક્ષક” કહેવાય છે.

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