Caller Name Announcer : Hands-Free App Download Here

Caller Name Announcer lets you hear caller names out loud with every phone call

Caller name announcer is the perfect solution for people who are always on the go and cannot look at their phone display!

This is an excellent call announcer app to alert you of incoming calls by identifying the caller and announcing the caller's name out loud. The audio announcer feature is perfect for situations when you can’t look at your phone screen to see the name of who is calling, such as when you are exercising, cooking, or driving, if you have mobility issues, or when the phone is simply out of sight. Simply listen to the caller’s name read out loud on your phone.

The smart caller ID identifies unknown numbers allowing the ‘speak caller name’ feature to work for callers who are not even in your address book or contact list. Unknown numbers including spam calls are also identified and the caller’s name is read out loud. This is very useful when you are busy and cannot look at your phone display.

You can also add your own personalized message to the advanced name speaker, which can be read out loud either before or after the caller’s name on any incoming call.

Avoid being disturbed in specific places with the 'Silent Locations’' feature. You can mute announcements or block incoming calls when you are at locations of your choice. When you are at the location (such as work, school, or a library), the feature activates automatically, saving you from having to remember to activate it.

→ Caller Name Announcer App Download Here

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Our call announcer app for Android has the following great features:

✔ Instant caller name announcement: Identify callers without looking at your phone with the caller name talker.
✔ Real-time Caller ID: Identify callers and avoid nuisance spam calls
✔Silent Locations feature: Mute announcements or block incoming calls at specific locations of your choice.
✔ Add an announcement message to calls: Choose if it’s announced before or after the caller name.
✔ Customize your preferences: Select the volume, speed, and pitch of announcements.
✔ Quick and easy to use: Activate Caller Name Announcer with just one click!

Enjoy a safe and convenient life by installing Caller Name Announcer today!