Milk Prepared 100 liters in 10 minutes - Watch Video

 These days, adulteration is being seen in everything. Nothing is pure. Something or the other is mixed in everything. This is the reason why diseases have increased so much these days. In earlier times, whatever a person ate was pure. In such a situation, it felt more in the body also. But now even if we talk about water, it has also started getting adulterated. A video of one such adulteration was shared on social media, in which fake milk can be seen being made.

Milk means store of protein. Doctors recommend drinking one glass of milk every day. Earlier the milk of cow and buffalo was brought from Khatal. Many cowherds used to add water to it also. But after seeing the adulteration about which we are going to show you today, you will not believe your eyes. After seeing this, you will think a hundred times before buying the milk packets available in the market.

This is how fake milk is prepared

Liquid washing fabric is first mixed in a little milk. This increases the quantity of milk and it foams. After this, fake refined oil is mixed in the canister of fake milk. This gives the necessary smoothness to the fake milk.

After this, the milk is whipped for half an hour and then it is churned so that the oil and detergent mix well in the milk. After this, tap water is taken and mixed with the synthetic milk and the synthetic milk is ready. This milk is sold for drinking in nearby cities. Sweets and khoya are made from this milk and sold during festivals. Obviously this milk creates a home for diseases in the body.

Milk ready in 10 minutes

You will also be surprised after watching this video going viral. In this video, 100 liters of milk was seen being prepared in 10 minutes. Water was turned into white milk by adding chemicals to a big blue container. Not even a single drop of milk was used in it. Only with the help of taste maker the water containing this chemical is given the taste of milk.

Watch Video : Click Here

Deadly to the body

This fake milk containing chemicals is poison for health. If you drink it, you will only suffer loss. There are many packets of milk available in the market. Out of these, one should try to choose only good brand milk packets. Or drink cow or buffalo milk. This video opened the eyes of many people on social media. People wrote in the comments that it is better for a person to drink poison than to drink such milk.