This island is not in India or abroad but in Gujarat - see here

Pirotan Island, situated at a distance of 16 nautical miles from Jamnagar, is surrounded by marine forest of mangroves apart from amazing marine life. There is also a lighthouse on the island.

the 42 islands in the coastal zone of the Marine National Park, Pirotan Island is one of the two most popular and most visited islands. The number of visitors is kept under control so as not to harm the marine ecosystem of the national park. Prior permission from the Forest Department, Customs Department and Port Department of the Government of Gujarat is required for the permission.

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A flagstaff was built here in 1867 to guide ships. In 1898, instead of the flag pole, a 21-meter-high lighthouse was built. The lighthouse was replaced between 1955 and 1957 by another 3 m high lighthouse (24 m high). In 1982, the area with a coral shelf spread over 3 km² around the lighthouse was declared a Marine National Park. The lighthouse was powered by solar power in 1996, and the diesel power producers were left to fend for themselves.

A total of 195 visitors visited Pirotan Island, 16 nautical miles from Jamnagar, in two days after the ban was lifted after four years. A team of 100 people reached the island on the first day on Sunday. Another 95 tourists visited on Monday. The entry to Pirotan Island will be open for six days every month, as the tides of the sixth, seventh and eighth months of the months of Sood and Vad are favourable.

Four years ago, the Pirotan Island of Jamnagar was banned from burying a person without the knowledge of the arrangement. Last month, the home minister and forest and environment minister were asked to allow tourists to visit Pirotan Island for nature education camps, including the Nawanagar Nature Club. The Forest Department office from Gandhinagar has issued a circular to allow tourists to visit Pirotan Island. A total of 195 tourists visited the island in two days.

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According to the Marine National Park Authority, the process of getting the matter approved is underway so that in the coming days people can make online bookings like Sasan. People can contact the Marine National Park's website.

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